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Gargnano: information and advice

The comune of Gargnano sul Garda lies in the province of Brescia, in the Garda Lombardia tourist area - to be precise, in the Alto Garda Bresciano. With fewer than 3000 residents, Gargnano is known for its distinctive historic centre right on the lakeshore, where the narrow streets and the little port are the focus of attention, surrounded by the area's typical lemon groves.

Leaving the village it is easy to see that Gargnano sul Garda is not merely one settlement but a genuine collection of hamlets scattered within the Alto Garda Bresciano Regional Park, with its wealth of flora and fauna. Moreover, the Gargano area contains almost the whole of Lake Valvestino, an artificial lake surrounded by an abundance of luxuriant nature.

What to do in Gargnano sul Garda?

A holiday in Gargnano sul Garda is a wonderful option for anyone seeking the more relaxing side of Lake Garda, far from the mass tourist trail and thus ideal for visitors looking for contact with nature and local traditions. To be explored with the carefree liberty offered by campsites and tourist villages, Gargnano lends itself beautifully to activities such as trekking, mountain biking or horse riding, not to mention paragliding and water sports, from sailing to canoeing and windsurfing. Visitors who prefer a more relaxing holiday can treat themselves to a round of golf, perhaps followed by a scenic trip on the Mount Baldo cableway, or sample the area's typical food and wines.

Lastly, guests at the campsites near Gargnano sul Garda can discover the area's artistic and cultural attractions, visit the towns and villages on the lakeshore, surrounded by green spaces, or attend events ranging from jazz festivals to plant and flower shows.

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