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Limone sul Garda: information and advice

The comune of Limone sul Garda lies in the province of Brescia on Lake Garda's Lombardy shore; it is considered one of the Brescia riviera's most attractive destinations. Close to the border between Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige, Limone sul Garda's fame as a tourist resort is fairly recent, since it is linked to the construction of the main Garda road in the 1930s. Since then, this small settlement has grown year after year as a sought-after destination for visitors to Lake Garda, thanks to its scenery, a combination of coastline and the distinctive lemon groves. Fascinating in every way - so much so as to enrapture the writer Goethe during his Italian travels - today Limone sul Garda welcomes tourists with a wealth of amenities and services for Italians and foreigners alike, with a particular focus on the area's campsites and tourist villages.

What to do in Limone sul Garda

A holiday in Limone sul Garda is the perfect choice for anyone seeking relaxation in a small and informal place, a picturesque little village overlooking the lake and surrounded by nature. Once exclusively inhabited by the local fishing community, today Limone sul Garda is a tourist resort which, particularly in the summer months, accommodates numerous visitors in the hotels and campsites scattered throughout the area. Attractions definitely not to be missed include the little harbour with its colourful boats and the lakeside promenade, where visitors can enjoy a drink or an ice cream while admiring the view over Lake Garda and the typical local houses, the oldest of which are stone-built. While Limone sul Garda's narrow streets offer the pleasure of rediscovering traditions such as decorating the small balconies with plants and flowers, the tiny Church of San Rocco merits a special mention, as a strategic spot for admiring the Limone sul Garda scenery. Lastly, in the summer season in particular, visitors can take part in sports and excursions, often organised by the campsites and villages themselves, or explore the lakeside area with its bars, restaurants and night clubs, as well as the festivals and events in which the local food and wine traditions blend with music.

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