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Toscolano Maderno: information and advice

The comune of Toscolano Maderno lies in the province of Brescia and has one of Garda Lombardia's greatest numbers of campsites and tourist villages. Not too far from the provincial capital, in fact, Toscolano Maderno offers one of the most attractive views of Lake Garda, drawing the attention of visitors from the region, as well as tourists from further afield. Maderno in particular is considered a tourist destination par excellence, thanks to the marvellous landscapes that provide the backdrop to the Gulf of Maderno, with its famous lakeside promenade.

Toscolano and Maderno: two towns with a single character

Born of the union of two towns, as its name suggests, the comune of Toscolano Maderno is a delightful tourist destination for anyone seeking close contact with nature and the amenities of this area of Lake Garda. Despite the presence of hotels and B&Bs for every budget, it is Toscolano Maderno's campsites that attract visitors from all over Europe each year: often located at the water's edge, with beaches both furnished and free to match any Adriatic seaside resort, these sites combine the advantages of their privileged position with the classic facilities of outdoor hospitality. The large beach at Maderno in particular is a landmark for the summer holidays of thousands of tourists, who also find bars, restaurants and plenty of events to fill their evenings.

Discovering Lake Garda from Toscolano Maderno

Holidays at Toscolano Maderno are the ideal choice for visitors seeking to explore Lake Garda with its wonderful scenery and ancient villages standing proud in their natural setting. From Maderno, for example, you can take a ferry to the most attractive towns and resorts of Lake Garda, including those on the Verona shore; from here you can take the Monte Baldo Cableway for an excursion with breathtaking views.

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